senergy Our research tackles a range of technologies geared towards producing energy without relying on fossil fuels (and excluding solar cells which are summarised in a separate section). In particular, we focus on the development of fuel cells, materials for nuclear energy, and magnetocalorics.



Neil Alford


Professor of Physical Electronics and Thin Film Materials, Vice-Dean (Research) Faculty of Engineering

Current research is targeted towards Energy Materials


Lesley Cohen


Professor of Solid State Physics, Department of Physics

Research interests in the study of  magnetic materials (for solid state magnetic cooling using magnetocalorics) and highly spin polarised magnetic materials (for spintronics and long range spin triplet superconductivity).  Transport properties of high mobility materials such as narrow gap semiconductors and graphene, superconductors (in particular gap structure and vortex pinning), and Raman spectroscopy (surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and Raman spectroscopy as a tool to understand Fuel Cell materials).


Rob Davies


Senior Lecturer, Department of Chemistry


Joshua Edel


Professor in Micro and Nanotechnology, Department of Chemistry

Research covers nanobiotechnology with an emphasis on the development of micro and nanofluidic devices for analytical and bio-analytical applications and ultra-high sensitivity optical detection techniques.


Nicholas Harrison


Professor, Chair of Computational Materials Science, Department of Chemistry

Research interests lie in the area of quantum mechanical modelling of material properties with the aim of discovering new functional materials.


Andrew Horsfield


Reader in the Theory & Simulation of Materials, Department of Materials

Current research interests cover the dynamics of electrons out of equilibrium, and the thermodynamics of complex interfaces.


Bill Lee


Chair in Ceramic Engineering, Department of Materials


Paul Lickiss


Reader in Organometallic Chemistry, Department of Chemistry


Peter K. Petrov


Research Officer in Thin Film Technology, Department of Materials


Stephen Skinner


Professor of Materials Chemistry, Department of Materials

Research interests are in materials for new energy technologies and primarily concerned with the chemical and physical properties of solid oxide fuel cell electrolytes and electrodes, encompassing the electrical and structural characteristics of materials.