Hybrid Neuroscience Based on Cerebral and Muscular Information For Motor Rehabilitation And Neuromuscular Disorders

Duration: January 2023 – December 2025

Funder: HORIZON-WIDERA-2021-ACCESS-03-01: Twinning [GA No. 101079392] and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) [grant number 10052152]

Research Team: Prof. Farina, Dr Alejandro Pascual Valdunciel

Collaborators: Imperial College London, University of Maribor (Slovenia), Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (Spain), Chalmers University (Sweden)

The main goal of the Hybrid Neuro project is to use synergies and existing expertise in EU leading partner institutions: Imperial College London (ICL), Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and Chalmers University of Technology (CUT), to enhance the skills in project proposals and management, to boost scientific and technological capacity of the University of Maribor (UM) and to open new research avenues in the field of cerebro-muscular data fusion for assessment and monitoring sensory-motor system in humans.

Within the framework of Hybrid Neuro, we plan to host 8 webinars, 2 summer schools, and 4 workshops. All these events will be public and accessible, focusing on the decoding of muscle and brain activity. Additionally, we will undertake an exploratory research project in motor learning, motor recovery, and movement augmentation.