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Tablet computers powered by their casings

Tablet computer

An Imperial engineer showcases durable material that also stores and discharges energy – News/Video

Monday 2 July 2012
by Colin Smith

From tablet computer casings to car bodywork, an Imperial engineer discusses in a video the diverse applications of a “battery-like” material that he has helped to develop.

Dr Emile Greenhalgh, from the Department of Aeronautics, discusses technology that he and his colleagues have created to store and discharge energy while also doubling up as a light-weight, strong and durable material. In the video, he talks about the team’s collaboration with car manufacturer Volvo to develop the material further as bodywork and a device to store and discharge energy, which could lead to cars that are lighter and more energy efficient. He also talks about potential future applications for the technology such as a new type of casing for tablet computers, which could replace existing batteries, making the phones lighter, thinner and sleeker in design.

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