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Lecture demonstrates medical technology by monitoring audience members live


Chris Toumazou

Microchips that replicate biology will help to tackle diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and other chronic conditions, says Professor Toumazou.

Chris Toumazou, London’s first ever Regius Professor, is known for creating technology that can mimic and replace biological functions. In Imperial’s annual Gabor lecture, Professor Toumazou discussed the variety of healthcare applications for microchips including his ‘lab on chip’ genetic test.

In this video you can watch his unique lecture, including a live demonstration of two of his creations: a digital plaster, which attached to a member of the audience relayed real-time details of his vital signs, and an artificial pancreas implanted in another audience member and relaying live blood sugar information.

Also during his presentation, Professor Toumazou took a DNA sample from the College President Professor Alice Gast, analysed it in real time, and produced a personalised skincare treatment to match her genes and lifestyle.

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Gabor legacy

The Gabor lecture is named after Denis Gabor, an Imperial electrical engineer who won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1971 for his invention of holography, a system of lens-less, three-dimensional photography.

Professor Toumazou praised the Nobel laureate’s legacy, which influences his own work, particularly the way that 'Gabor saw the link between life science and engineering'.

Winston Wong

Professor Winston Wong

Professor Toumazou acknowledged the contributions of Imperial alumnus Professor Winston Wong in driving forward the College’s position at the forefront of biomedical engineering. In 2009, Professor Wong, a renowned Taiwanese businessman, funded the creation of the Winston Wong Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology, which is directed by Professor Toumazou.

Others guests at the lecture included the Duke of York, former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, McLaren F1 founder Ron Dennis, and Duran Duran star Nick Rhodes.

Photos credit: Thomas Angus; Film credit: Martin Sayers.


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