Video: Scientists report on all good things that come in nano-sized packages


Researchers from the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) discuss their research in a video as part of their ten-year anniversary celebrations.

The LCN brings together scientists from Imperial College London and University College London. For the past ten years the researchers have been probing the natural world to develop new technologies, at scales measured in billionths of a metre. This nanotechnology could ultimately be used to improve healthcare, computing processes, energy production and the environment. 

The LCN pools the expertise of scientists in a diverse range of fields including chemistry, physics, materials science, medicine, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biochemical engineering and earth sciences.

The LCN team at Imperial

Over the past decade researchers have made many discoveries including the development of scaffolds or three- dimensional ladders that enable tissue to regenerate, with potential benefits in speeding up recovery times for patients after surgery. Other breakthroughs include the creation of an early-warning sensing system for identifying disease outbreaks, by analysing how users search the internet to identify their illness by describing their symptoms.

The LCN team (above) at Imperial

Professor Milo Shaffer, co-director of the LCN and member of Imperial’s Department of Chemistry, said: "Our celebrations have given us the opportunity to reflect on the achievements of the LCN with great pride. By combining the fantastic range of expertise and facilities at the LCN, we have forged ahead with ground-breaking new science and the development of technologies. However, it’s not just our past achievements that we are celebrating. In the future we will increasing the design new systems, which will offer society tangible benefits.

“This video, developed by the LCN, gives shows the depth and breadth of work happening at the centre. Click on the play button at the top of this story and take a look.”


The LCN Symposium

The official part of the LCN’s celebrations were held this year on 23 September, where academia, representatives from government and industry came together at a symposium.

Video courtesy of the LCN.


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