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Shoshana Weider has joined IMSE to work on the production of 'white papers'.

Shoshana Weider joined the growing Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE) team in November 2016, in the role of White Paper Coordinator. In the coming months she will be helping IMSE produce a series of briefing and background papers to highlight the power of an integrated molecular science and engineering approach to address many global grand challenges.

Briefing paper series

The first of IMSE's briefing paper series, due for publication in April 2017, will explain how IMSE provides an ideal environment for the promotion of innovative, transdisciplinary research – in a holistic manner – for the maximum social and economic benefit.

We will also describe how IMSE is an exciting part of the strengthening worldwide landscape of ‘convergence-style’ projects, and how the three guiding pillars of our approach – advancing collaborative transdisciplinary research, transforming graduate education and enabling effective translation of research to industry – can help overcome the main challenges that are commonly encountered when bringing individuals together from a diverse range of backgrounds and specialisms.


Three guiding pillars of the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering

IMSE's three guiding pillars


These papers will be circulated to funding agencies, policy makers and potential commercial partners as we aim to inform the wider community about the power of our integrated approach to science and engineering.

Shoshana obtained her Masters in Earth Sciences from the University of Oxford and a PhD in planetary science from Birkbeck College, University of London. Between 2011 and 2014 she was a postdoctoral fellow at the Carnegie Institution of Science, Washington DC, where she worked as part of NASA’s MESSENGER mission science team.

She has since worked in a variety of communication roles as a freelancer, and at major science and engineering organisations in the UK and Europe, including the European Space Agency, Network Rail and the Science Media Centre.

Get in touch

If you would like to meet with Shoshana to discuss your research or potential topics for white papers, please get in contact to arrange a meeting.


Dr Shoshana Z Weider

Dr Shoshana Z Weider
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