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Audrey de Nazelle, Marc Stettler and Laure de Preux at the WEF 2018

Audrey de Nazelle, Marc Stettler and Laure de Preux at the WEF 2018

Audrey de Nazelle, Laure de Preux & Marc Stettler, members of the Air Quality Network, gave lectures at the World Economic Forum in September 2018.

Find out more about their lectures, and listen again via the links below:

Rewiring the urban landscape for healthy mobility

Technological solutions to the problem of air pollution are too narrow – we need a more holistic approach to urban air quality that asks how to maximize health, says Dr Audrey de Nazelle. She explains why we should rethink the purpose of our streets, reclaiming them from cars and promoting walking and cycling.

Watch Dr de Nazelle's IdeasLab lecture on YouTube

Data-driven regulation for cleaner air and better health

If we want to ensure that the price of a product or service reflects its externalities in terms of pollution, we need to calculate the cost of pollution – a more complicated question than calculating a carbon footprint, as it involves varied and local factors. Dr Laure de Preux has developed a model for England that could be scaled to other geographies.

Watch Dr de Preux's IdeasLab lecture on YouTube

Tracking automobile emissions in real time

To develop more effective solutions to air pollution from traffic, we need to know more about where, when and how much emissions are occurring. Dr Marc Stettler is working on more accurate models of emissions that account for differences between engines and use GPS data to understand flows of traffic across cities.

Watch Dr Stettler's IdeasLab lecture on YouTube


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Claudia Cannon
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