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Celebrating Professor Jo Haigh's 35 years at Imperial

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Professor Jo Haigh holding a bunch of flowers at her retirement celebration in the Department of Physics in 2019.

The Department of Physics held a reception on 12 June 2019 to mark Professor Jo Haigh's retirement.

The party and presentation were preceded by a seminar, organised by her research group - Space and Atmospheric Physics. The speakers comprised past colleagues from several institutions and the reception was attended by friends, family and colleagues.

Professor Michele Dougherty expressed her thanks and appreciation on behalf of the Department, particularly noting Jo’s many outstanding achievements. Michele presented Jo with a free-standing sun dial for her garden, and a panoramic framed photograph of one of our special Blackett sunsets.

Thank you to Jo for all she has achieved during her time at Imperial College, within the Department of Physics, and also as Co-Director of The Grantham Institute and in the wider Imperial community!

Photos from the celebration

  • Professor Jo Haigh at her retirement party in the Department of Physics, 2019
  • Professor Michele Dougherty gives a speech

    Professor Michele Dougherty gives a speech

  • Colleagues and friends gather for a seminar to thank Prof Jo Haigh for her work in the Department of Physics

    Event speakers from left: John Pyle, Liz Pyle, Jo, Keith Shine, Mike Blackburn, Lesley Gray.

  • Professor Ralf Toumi talks at the seminar

    Professor Ralf Toumi gives a talk

  • Jo and a colleague embrace at her retirement party
  • One of the slides in the presentation celebrating Jo's retirement
  • Professors Jo Haigh and Michele Dougherty
  • Professor Jo Haigh at her retirement party in the Department of Physics, 2019

Find out more about Jo's time at Imperial

Co-Director of the Grantham Institute and former Head of Physics Professor Haigh leaves behind a legacy of science advocacy and academic leadership. Find out more about Jo's work at the College.


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