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PhD candidate receives IChemE Young Researcher Award in Particle Technology


PhD student Fatemeh Alemi

PhD student Fatemeh Alemi at the UKā€“China International Particle Technology Forum

Fatemeh Alemi received the First Prize Young Researcher Award in recognition of excellence in particle technology.

PhD student Fatemeh Alemi was announced overall winner of the Young Researcher Award in Particle Technology at the 7th UK–China International Particle Technology Forum in Edinburgh.

Currently in her second year, Fatemeh Alemi is a member of the Surfaces and Particle Engineering Laboratory (SPEL) research group led by Professor Daryl Williams. Her research area is microbial adhesion and surface chemistry and her project focus is investigating the effects of metal oxide sol-gel coatings on polymers in order to reduce bacterial cell viability and adhesion, via Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy analysis.

Fatemeh said on receiving the award: "I am proud to have been the recipient for this year’s IChemE Young Researcher Award and hope to further expand on my work in antibacterial surface technologies for industrial and household uses. I would like to thank my group and supervisor Professor Daryl Williams for their support and guidance."

Professor Daryl Williams receiving his Geldart Medal
Professor Daryl Williams receiving the IChemE Geldart Medal

Professor Daryl Williams was presented with the IChemE Geldart Medal at the event, which he was awarded in recognition of his notable contributions to the characterisation of physico-chemical properties of powder surfaces by dynamic vapour sorption and inverse gas chromatography methods.

Founded in 2007, the UK–China International Particle Technology Forum alternates between China and the UK and is a successful platform for bringing together early career researchers to discuss the latest achievements and future challenges in the area of particle technology.

Photos courtesy of Professor Daryl Williams.


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