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Behind the Hack-Packs


Electronic components wired together

Horizons teachers David Miller and Harry Barnett share how they pandemic-proofed their Hackspace module this year.

The end of the academic year provides an opportunity to reflect on the successes of the last 9 months and Interdisciplinary Making and Prototyping module leaders David Miller and Harry Barnett do just that in their latest blog.

Imperial Horizons Hackspace modules (part of the Change Makers field) have for several years introduced Imperial undergraduates to a range of prototyping and making skills including fabrication, electronics and biology. Amongst the most popular Horizons modules, the skills learned on Hackspace modules both supplement and enhance degree-learning.

So... with the move to online learning, the hands-on hacking activities had to go? Not at all. Instead the module leaders, David Miller and Harry Barnett went back to the drawing (or mother) board to redesign the modules and include a practical remote element. The result, hand -picked and packed Hack-Packs.

In the latest blog on the website, the two teachers reflect on their experience from start to finish and share some of the outcomes in students' work.

Read the 'Hack Packs and Remote Learning Hardware Hacking' blog.


Cleo Bowen

Cleo Bowen
Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication