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Imperial Launches New Early Years Centre in White City


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In collaboration with Old Oak Primary School, Imperial now offers childcare services to its staff and student parents near Hammersmith and White City.

Attending to the growing need for childcare among Imperial staff and student parents, Imperial's Early Years Centre is announcing the opening of its West London site. Servicing the Hammersmith and White City campuses, the new Old Oak Early Years Education Centre offers care for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. With outstanding childcare at its South Kensington Early Years Centre, the college is devoted to lending this same focus to its Old Oak centre for the socialisation, development and care of young children.  

Old Oak stacking colour blocks“We believe that the right balance of nurture and inspiration will enable all those within our care to get the best start possible,” Tracy Halsey, Director - Early Years Education Centre.

Old Oak Early Years Education Centre was developed in partnership with Old Oak Primary School and the College's award-winning South Kensington Early Years, with the current team advising on the curriculum and operations of the new centre. From key workers assigned to each child and a focused attention to all their individual needs, the centre is equipped to facilitate all of the expectations of both the parents and the children. 

The Early Years Care Centre is uncompromising in care, affordability and flexibility, teaming with parents to guarantee a more holistic and personable approach to each child's education and development opportunities. For Imperial staff and student parents, Old Oak Early Years will match the fees and closure days of the South Kensington centre, allowing parents to utilise the salary sacrifice scheme.

The staff and teachers are trained and qualified to support the early learning needs of each child across the three age groups;

Old Oak Baby Oaks roomFrom 6 months to 2 years old, children are given much more personalised care based on their at-home sleep and feeding routines. Their education and learning is based on sensory, explorative and playful activities. 

From 2 years old, toddlers will engage in activities geared toward their verbal, social, and creative development and coordination skills.  

Old Oak Little Oaks room

From 3 to 5 years old, as children prepare to enter primary school, the centre offers an introduction to the early years of education that will help to welcome them into the next stage of their childhood learning.                     

As more Imperial parents navigate the demands on their in-person or hybrid work schedules, Imperial continues to expand its support of staff and student parents so that they can work more efficiently and with peace of mind. The centre’s opening hours accommodate general daily business hours - opening from 8.30 to 17.30 - with the flexibility to arrange the care of their children around their work and personal schedules during these hours.

Old Oak Early Years Education Centre is now open and running with an initial offering of 20 available spaces to accommodate your child. To learn more and register, please contact or visit the Early Years Centre

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