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Royal Society of Chemistry Horizon Prize 2022


RSC Horizon Prize

Congratulations to former Tate group member, Dr Ravi Singh, for being part of a team awarded an RSC Horizon Prize in Education

Prior to joining the group, Ravi completed his PhD in medicinal organic chemistry at the University of Leeds. Alongside this, he was involved in undergraduate teaching. He blended his PhD research into a series of workshops, thereby allowing students to apply theory into practice.

Ravi took the suggestions and conducted the designed practical experiments. The results were then fed back to each student team based on the suggested reaction time, TLC monitoring conditions, work-up, purification methods, and yield. Ravi then co-presented this work at ViCEPhEC 2018 at the University of Sheffield.

This resulted in a publication in the Journal of Chemical Education in 2021. Ravi was part of the team called ‘Leeds Lab Educators’ who, earlier this week, were awarded a Royal Society of Chemistry Horizon Prize in Education.

Ravi left the Tate group in November 2022 to take up a post as a Teaching Fellow in Organic Chemistry within the department. During his time within the group, he was also the course manager for our MRes in Drug Discovery and Development degree, and was made a Fellow of Advance HE.

Congratulations Dr Singh!


Edward Bartlett

Edward Bartlett
Department of Chemistry