Centrifuge in lab

Equipment and systems


  • Telemetry (Philips Healthcare, MX40 2.4 GHz Smart Hopping)
  • Patient monitoring with central station(Philips Medical Systems UK Ltd, Intellivue MP50)
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise testing (Cosmed SLR, Quark CPET)
  • Sleep equipment (Stowood Scientific Instruments Ltd, N7000/Mdrive system)
  • Indirect calorimeters (GEM Nutrition Ltd, GEM Gas Exchange Measurement System)
  • Actiheart (Camntech Ltd, Actiheart 4)
  • Holtor monitors (Novacor UK Ltd, HoltorSoft full disclosure ECG Analysis System)
  • ECG (GE Healthcare, MAC 1200 ST)
  • Vital signs (Philips Healthcare, VM4)
  • Infusion pumps (Baxter Healthcare Ltd, Single Channel CXE Colleague P1.7 )
  • Syringe drivers (Carefusion UK Ltd, Alaris Asena GH )
  • Body Composition Analyser (Tanita, BC-418)
  • Bariatric recliners, beds and chairs


  • Class II microbiological cabinets
  • -80 freezers (standard and gene therapy IMP storage)
  • -20 freezers
  • Sample management system (LIMS)
  • Temperature monitoring (freezers, fridges and rooms)
  • Centrifuges


  • Healthy Volunteer Database
  • EQMS electronic quality management system
  • Patient Alarm System
  • Synchronised clocks