Oak Ridge National Lab reactor core visitIn this section you can find out more about the previous CDT, the achievements of it's students and the memorable events from the time it ran. We hope this will help give you a better picture about what life in a CDT is like. Elsewhere on the site you can find more about the current NEF CDT and send in an application.

The Imperial Cambridge Open (ICO) CDT predates the Nuclear Energy Futures (NEF) CDT. It began in 2014 and will finish in 2022, in this time the ICO CDT will train over 50 students across 5 cohorts to become leaders in the nuclear energy industry. With projects ranging from improving the efficiency of fuel and reactors to decomssioning and geological disposal, the students have produced high-quality research across a range of areas. The programme started with £4 million in funding from the EPSRC as well as additional funding from industry sponsors such as Rolls Royce, EDF and Sellafields. 

 The ICO CDT is still active with several cohorts yet to finish, although it is no longer open to new applicants. 

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