Selected publications

Prof Darryl Holm

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Prof Bertrand Chapron

[1] V. Resseguier, E. Mémin, D. Heitz and B. Chapron, Stochastic modeling and diffusion modes for POD models and small-scale flow analysis, Journ. of Fluid Mech., 828, 888-917, 2017.

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Prof Dan Crisan

[1] J.M.C. Clark, Crisan D., “On a robust version of the integral representation formula of nonlinear filtering”, Probability Theory and Related Fields, Vol 133, No 1 pp 43-56, 2005.

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[12]  Crisan, Dan; Míguez, Joaquín Particle-kernel estimation of the filter density in state-space models. Bernoulli  20  (2014),  no. 4, 1879–1929. This paper contains methodology that allows for data assimilation and parameter estimation to be performed at the same time.

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[17] D Crisan, F Flandoli, DD Holm, Solution properties of a 3D stochastic Euler fluid equation, in print, J. Nonlin Science This paper contains the first theoretical analysis of a stochastic PDE obtained through the Holm-Memin theory.

[18] D. Crisan, DD Holm, Wave breaking for the Stochastic Camassa-Holm equation, Physica D  376/377  (2018), 138–143.

Prof Etienne Mémin

[1] Cai, S., Mémin, E., Dérian, P., Chao, X., (2018), Motion estimation under location uncertainty for turbulent flows, accepted for publication, Exp. In Fluids, 59(8). Use of stochastic transport equation to devise a parameter free accurate fluid motion estimator.

[2] Chapron, B., Dérian, P., Mémin, E., Resseguier, V., (2018), Large-scale flows under location uncertainty: a consistent stochastic framework, Quart. J. of Roy. Meteo. Soc., 144:    251        260. Derivation of a stochastic Lorenz-63 system though Holm-Mémin paradigm; demonstration of the relevance of the Holm-Memin theory in comparison with ad hoc forcing schemes. 

[3] S. Kadri-Harouna and E. Mémin (2017), Stochastic representation of the Reynolds transport theorem: revisiting large-scale modeling, Comp. and Fluids, 156 :456-469. Large-scale flow models derived from the Holm-Mémin theory.

[4] V. Resseguier, E. Mémin, D. Heitz and B. Chapron, Stochastic modeling and diffusion modes for POD models and small-scale flow analysis, Journ. of Fluid Mech., 828, 888-917, 2017. Setup of reduced order models and analysis of residual data.

[5] Y. Yang and E. Mémin, High-resolution data assimilation through stochastic subgrid tensor and parameter estimation from 4DEnVar, 2017, Tellus A, 69 (1), 2017. This paper describes how the Holm-Memin theory can be used to couple large scale models and high resolution data.

[6] V. Resseguier, E. Mémin, B. Chapron, Geophysical flows under location uncertainty, Part I: Random transport and general models, Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics, 111(3): 149-176, 2017. This paper develops the derivation of stochastic geophysical models of a stochastic PDE in the Holm-Memin theory.

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