The role of MSc students in the Soils Project

Throughout the project students from the MSc Environmental Technology at the Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London have played a vital role in the development and research activities of the Soil Cente. Over the course of the OPAL project there have been 16 projects covering a wide variety of subjects, listed below:


  • James Bone - Earthworms: Development and Testing of a Sampling Methodology, Assessment of a Field Guide to their Identification, and Investigation of the Relationship with Soil Contamination
  • Laura Edwards - Developing a Methodology for Inā€situ Soil Quality Assessment for the Function of Biodiversity Support
  • Elizabeth Stevens - A Study of Scientific Communication and Public Engagement Techniques Focused on Public Participation in Soil Science Research


  • Victoria Butler - Proposing a methodology for a soil typology classification using simple indicators utilising data collected by the public
  • Ngai Ieng Chow - Earthworms and Soil Pollution
  • Aisha Gloudon - Assessing soil data from sites in London to identify links to key indicators for characterising soils
  • Artemis Kostareli - Developing a method for quality control of data submitted to OPAL Soil Survey
  • Filothei Panagiotakopoulou - Collection of scientific data by the public: screening for pollution to reduce monitoring costs for regulatory authorities
  • Nere Ruiz - The impact of urbanization on metals in soils: A case study from Leicester


  • Anna-Maria Skartsila - Effects on greenhouse gases of the application of MBT output, biosolids and compost on land


  • Abigail Weighill - The relationship between knowledge, participation and action for the protection of soil through recycling of biodegradable waste
  • Ewa Wegiel - A comparative analysis of the UK and European regulatory on soil protection


Two MSc projects were offered as part of our Phase 3 research looking at spreading waste to land. 

  • Mia Nasr - Proposal for proof of concept trials for evaluating the impact of soil amendments on earthworms
  • Lauriane Zinguerlet - Evaluation of soil amendments as a source of hazardous chemicals in soils and crops

Two projects were offered in collaboration with the Broads Authority

  • Eoin Hurst - An Investigation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Contamination in Sediments of the Norfolk Broads
  • Jonathan Raven - Tributyltin and Copper in the Norfolk Broads: An Assessment of Antifouling Biocide Contamination in Shallow Lake Sediments