Genomics and genetics of type 2 diabetes

This theme focuses on human diabetes and will leverage cohorts of patients at Imperial and partner laboratories.

  • Mendelian diabetes, personalised medicine (Oliver, Misra, Ferrer)
  • Novel treatments: sensors, pumps, implants (Oliver)
  • Circulating biomarkers as predictors of disease and progression (Rutter, Ferrer) Bioinformatics, Omics (Ferrer, Froguel, Oliver, Leclerc)

Theme leads

Professor Jorge Ferrer is Professor of Genetics and Medicine and Head of the Section of Epigenomics and Disease in the Department of Medicine. He is interested in understanding genome regulation of pancreatic beta cells and its implications for human diabetes. His team has combined genetic model systems and advanced genomics to address key questions in human beta cell biology, regeneration, and disease. Further information on Professor Ferrer

Professor Philippe Froguel is Head of the Section of Genomic Medicine in the School of Public Health. His chief interests are in the Genetics of Type 2 diabetes and Obesity, where he has led landmark Genome-wide Association Studies. Further information on Professor Froguel