How can I keep in touch during my Maternity/Shared Parental Leave?

Before you go on Maternity or Shared Parental leave, you should discuss with your manager how you will stay in touch during your leave. This may include agreeing how often you/they will make contact and how you will stay in touch. You may also want to provide your preferred contact details and discuss the possibility of “keeping in touch days”

Your manager may contact you during your Maternity or Shared Parental Leave to update you on what is happening at work, promotion or training opportunities or to discuss plans for your return to work.

What are Keeping in Touch Days?

Staff taking maternity leave are able to take up to 10 keeping in touch (KIT) days without the Maternity leave being brought to an end.

Staff taking Shared Parental Leave are able to take up to 20 Shared Parental Leave in Touch (SPLIT) days without the Shared Parental Leave being brought to an end.

These days are designed to enable you to carry out work or attend training or college events during your leave without the leave being brought to an end.  These days are either calculated as a half day or a full day.

Will I be paid for KIT or SPLIT days?

Amount of pay for these days is dependent on whether the day falls within a period when you are receiving paid or unpaid leave.

If you are receiving full pay, you will not receive an additional payment for the day worked. However if you are receiving statutory pay, you will receive a top-up payment equal to your normal full pay for each day worked and if you are taking unpaid leave you will receive a payment equal to a day’s pay for each day worked.

How can I apply for KIT/SPLIT days?

Keeping in Touch days can only be taken with prior agreement from your line manager. Therefore, you should apply directly to your line manager stating the dates and reasons you would like to take a KIT / SPLIT day.

Your line manager will then complete the KIT/SPLIT days form and forward this form to Human Resources if a payment is to be made following your return to work.

For further information please see the HR guidance on Keeping in Touch days.