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Online Temporal Learning Library

The Online Temporal Learning C++ library implements several memory structures and includes two “high-level” online learning methods. Download OTL


HAMMER is a C++ library to easily instantiate cognitive architectures based on the simulation theory of mind. Download HAMMER


C++ library to read Arena's motion capture streams (NatNet). Download MOCHA

Dual Haptic Falcon Controller

ROS package in C++ to implement a shared control haptic system for two Novint Falcon haptic devices. The resulting joystick command can be used to drive a powered wheelchair or mobile robot. Download Dual Haptic Falcon Controller

Kinematic Structure Learning

Matlab package which implements unsupervised learning of kinematic structures (see Chang and Demiris CVPR2015). Download Kinematic Structure Learning Source

C++ package which implements offline and online unsupervised learning of kinematic structures based on 3D data (see Nunes and Demiris ICCV2020). Download 3D Kinematic Structure Learning Source

Kinematic Structure Correspondences

Matlab package which implements learning correspondences between kinematic structures (see Chang et al. TPAMI). The download includes the dataset. Download Kinematic Structure Correspondences Source

Lifelong Augmentation of Multi-Modal Streaming Autobiographical Memories

C++ framework which implements an Autobiographical Memory geared towards the developmental robotics community (see Petit, Fischer and Demiris TCDS2016). Download Autobiographical Memory Source

Markerless Perspective Taking

C++ / Python framework which implements markerless perspective Taking (see Fischer and Demiris ICRA2016). Download Perspective Taking Source

Attentional Visual Tracking

Visual tracking with an attentional mechanism that chooses a subset of the associated correlation filters for increased robustness and computational efficiency (see Choi et al. CVPR2017). Download Attentional Visual Tracking Source. Please see also our TRACA CVPR2018 paper below.


A set of convenience wrappers related to perception, object manipulation and social interaction for the iCub humanoid robot (see Fischer et al. Frontiers in Robotics and AI 2018). Download iCub-HRI

TRACA visual object tracking

A new context-aware correlation filter based tracking framework to achieve both high computational speed and state-of-the-art performance among real-time trackers (see Choi et al. CVPR2018). Download TRACA (includes ROS code).

Shared Control

An obstacle avoidance algorithm in C++ that has been adapted for shared control on differential-drive robots (see Zolotas and Demiris, IROS 2019 for description of its use on a robotic wheelchair). Download Shared Control Source (ROS package).

RT-GENE gaze estimation

A new robust gaze estimation framework applicable in natural environments with large camera-subject distances (see Fischer et al. ECCV2018). Download RT-GENE (includes ROS code and link to the dataset).

RT-BENE blink estimation

A robust blink estimator based on the RT-GENE dataset (see Cortacero et al. ICCV2019W). Download RT-BENE (includes ROS code and link to the dataset).

Event-based vision model estimation

Entropy minimisation framework for event-based vision model estimation (see Nunes and Demiris ECCV2020). Download EventEMin.



iCub Grasp Dataset

This dataset contains grasping data for nine-everyday objects collected using the iCub humanoid platform. Download Grasp Dataset

Online Temporal Learning Datasets

Datasets used with Online Temporal Learning Library. Download OTL Dataset

Kinematic Structure Learning Dataset

This dataset contains various kinematic structures which can be used for unsupervised complex kinematic structure learning (see Chang and Demiris CVPR2015). Download Kinematic Structure Dataset

Kinematic Structure Correspondences Dataset

This dataset contains kinematic structures and their correspondences, see Chang et al. CVPR2016. The download includes the CVPR2016 source code. Download Kinematic Structure Correspondences Dataset

RT-GENE Gaze Estimation Dataset

This dataset contains face and eye images along with the ground truth head pose and eye gaze angles (see Fischer et al. ECCV2018). Download RT-GENE dataset (includes source code).

RT-BENE Blink Estimation Dataset

This dataset contains blink labels for the RT-GENE dataset (see Cortacero et al. ICCV2019W). Download RT-BENE dataset (includes source code).

Other contributions

Other contributions

In addition, we have contributed code to the following open-source robotics projects:

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