Personal Tutors should make clear from the outset the boundaries of the tutor-tutee relationship. When can a tutee see you? When will you not be available? What can you help with? Are students aware that there can be limits to ?  Your role is to support and develop your tutee through their studies, not to solve all of their problems.  

Each Personal Tutor may approach setting their own boundaries differently, based on their own personal style, abilities and situation, but boundaries should be in line with the College tutorial system and policies. This section will help you to set your professional boundaries.  It is also a good idea to talk to your  about boundaries.

Types of Boundaries (Lochtie et al. 2018) :

  • Independence and engagement boundaries
    1. Avoid providing personal contact details
    2. Aim to develop independence and guard against over-dependence

  • Temporal (time) boundaries
    1. Be transparent about the time you have and how it should most effectively be used.

  • Expertise and referral boundaries:
    1. Know your limits
    2. Know who to sign post to and encourage students to take up help
    3. Be available when they want to come back