More than 1,000 current Imperial students have declared a disability, a figure which has increased each academic year. 

It’s also worth noting that 65 per cent of impairments are unseen.

Imperial subscribes to the Social Model of Disability. Unlike the medical model, the Social Model is not solely concerned with what the body can or cannot do but focuses on the barriers that prevent disabled people participating equally in society. The problem is not disabled people themselves, but the environmental, institutional and attitudinal barriers they face. Disability is an ‘operational’ issue and, as such, every member of College staff has a responsibility to:

  • Eliminate discrimination
  • Anticipate need
  • Make reasonable adjustments

Personal Tutors can help tutees by:

Take this short course to better understand what specific learning differences are and how to make small but important adaptations to support students with their learning.  Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties/Differences (SpLDs) – inclusive strategies for learning

Students with physical or mental impairments, specific learning difficulties or who have other specific needs may be entitled to special arrangements in their examinations such as extra time or permission to use a PC.