Students are encouraged to discuss any changes in registration with their Personal Tutor, Postgraduate Tutor or Senior Tutor. Personal Tutors should be prepared to discuss a tutee’s options with them and help them to make the right choice for them and their studies. 

The Academic Regulations require that a student admitted to any programme of study must attend to the satisfaction of the Head of Department. The College reserves the right to require any student whose academic progress is unsatisfactory or who fails in an examination to withdraw from the College. Withdrawal decisions may be taken at any time during the session. Read more about Academic Regulations.

The Student records and data’s Changes to Registration Status section has detailed guidance on:

  • transferring to a different programme;
  • taking a temporary break from your studies (Interruption of Studies), this might include maternity leave;
  • withdrawing from studies.

Important information for international students:

Some changes to registration status, such as an Interruption of Studies or Withdrawal from Studies, will affect Student Visa status, especially the Tier 4 Student Visa. Personal Tutors should advise tutees in this position to arrange an appointment with an adviser in the International students to discuss options before deciding to take a break or withdraw from studies.