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We asked those who were nominated for a Student Academic Choice Award (SACA) by their students in the “Best Tutoring” category what has been an unanticipated benefit of being a Personal Tutor? Here’s what they said:

PT quotes on benefits

Ongoing, rewarding relationships

“Being a first year tutor I meet the new students when they first arrive in College and continue to see them during their time here, which I enjoy. So, the continuing contact.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

“Some of my personal tutees have kept in contact with me after graduation, and have kindly given their time to various alumni events.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Life Sciences)

“Just getting to know some really pleasant people and then being in a position to help them.” (Personal Tutor, Faculty of Medicine)

Better understanding and insight

“Each individual tutee can contribute something to your knowledge about young people that you can use to help other students through difficult times. They also keep you in touch with ‘young’ minds who think differently and perceive the world differently from when you were young yourself.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering)

“An understanding of the problems that they face from the perspective of a student, something that we don't often know. It also feeds back into how we set their expectations, exercises, workloads etc. Also, if one has a good rapport with the students, then they also feel free to inform you on your teaching and this is very valuable.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Computing)

“I get to learn the level of the students better, and which things they find hard – the latter are often surprising and unanticipated. This then informs and improves my own lecturing.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Mathematics)

Learning from tutees

“I have learned parts of core materials science and engineering that I would not have taken the time to learn had it not been for the need to assist my tutees.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Materials)

“I feel more in touch with people in their late teens/early twenties.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Computing)

“It is fun, and you learn as much from the students as they learn from you!” (Personal Tutor, Department of Chemical Engineering)

“Getting to know some delightful young men and women who have the capacity to surprise and inform me." (Personal Tutor, National Heart and Lung Institute)

Positive outcomes

“I think that there is an element of selflessness that goes into being a Personal Tutor, but this is often returned, whether it is heartfelt thanks from the student for helping them in their time of need or the genuine sense of excitement when your tutees get their degree results and being part of that celebration every year.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Chemistry)

“The very great pleasure I gain in seeing students that I've had discussions with get through challenging times, grow in confidence and begin to learn what they want in life. It's a real privilege to have played a part in their development.” (Personal Tutor, Department of Life Sciences)

What our students say about the benefits and value of having a Personal Tutor

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