To Consortium members: Copies of presentations are available via Dropbox. Please contact Mimi Hii if you require access.

Participants of an update meeting, February 2011

Above: Participants of an update meeting, February 2011

Pharmacat 2014


Pharmacat II renewal party, 2014.



24 March 2017: Pharmatcat Update meeting


22 April 2016: Pharmacat Update meeting.

30 September 2016: Pharmacat Update meeting.


2 October 2015: Pharmacat Update meeting.

August/September 2015: Addition of three more papers arising from projects supported by Pharmacat (see Publications)

8 January 2015: Kathryn's work on selective electrochemical reduction of C=C bonds is published online in ChemSusChem.


2 December 2014: The new agreement has been signed by Lilly, Syngenta and GSK - Pharmacat II is formally in place!

28 November 2014: Pharmacat Update meeting, Chemistry Senior Common Room.

November 2014: Dan's work on "Nonmetal Catalyzed Hydrogenation of Carbonyl Compounds" has been highlighted in Chemical & Engineering news.

August 2014: Dan's work on Frustrated Lewis Base (FLB) for metal-free hydrogenation has been published online in Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


December 2013: John's work on the design and implementation of a novel flow reactor for examining Pd speciation and leaching has been published online in Catalysis Today.