Our concerts in Blackett began in December 2012 when we took advantage of the Yamaha baby grand piano which was lodged in our Common Room for safekeeping by the Medics.

Knowing that there is a wealth of musical talent and expertise in Physics, we took full advantage and enlisted nine of our ‘stars’ for an inaugural concert entitled ‘ The Quantum of Musical Solace’. This delightful musical mix was not only novel, but a success. Included in the programme were not only jazz pianists and a singer, but a classical cellist, a composer performing his own unique composition, professional singer of Tom Lehrer songs and the astonishing Danny Segal, guitarist and blues singer.

Joy, culture and sparkle returned to the Common Room which was the original home of all the concerts at Imperial College decades ago.
Term time concerts were now ­firmly on the cards and when the baby grand was returned to the Medics, the generous gift of a Hoffmann baby grand, previously owned by the Blyth Centre, was donated to us by Polly Haines in the summer of 2015. This was to honour the memory of her husband, Professor Malcolm Haines whose life was enriched by music. The Haines piano is now the glory of our Common room and subsequent concerts have been centred around it.

Our musical evenings can be enjoyed freely.