Project Details:

I am a member of the COMET collaboration, whose experiment will search for the μ-e conversion process with a great sensitivity in J-PARC, Japan. On this project, I aim to study and investigate the performance of its beamline being constructed specifically for the experiment, in both software and hardware aspects.
Start Date: 31 March 2022

Duration: 2 years

a) Is there anything about the Department of Physics that has surprised and impressed you?

I have been helped by the department’s management group so much. Thanks to their incedible support, I can focus on my tasks very effectively, and I really appreciate it. I was also impressed about the amount of resources the College provides to support postdocs and their career developments.

b) What type of support did you get to ensure that you could submit an excellent fellowship application?

My supervisor - Prof. Yoshi Uchida - really helped me for it. Actually, he introduced me the fellowship scheme, and kindly reviewed my application and gave me comments many times even during busy periods (thanks to Overleaf, too). After my application passed, the College and the Department also assisted me. For example, they were fantastic with providing all the support and info I needed for my visa applications.