Project Details:

As an Imperial College Research Fellow, I will study the chemical makeup of the atmospheres of planets beyond our Solar System.
Start Date: 3 October 2022

Duration: 4 years 

a) What has been the most challenging part of your fellowship application?

The most challenging part of the fellowship application was distilling four years of proposed research into a cohesive and succinct scientific argument that was understandable and convincing to a broad audience. Another challenge was to actually provide a realistic timeline of research over a four-year period.

b) What aspect of being a project-leading investigator do you enjoy the most?

The freedom to explore unanticipated lines of research. I find that one of the most exciting parts of being a scientist is trying to understand an unexpected result! Being a project leader also gives me the opportunity to bring onboard and mentor students, which I find to be hugely rewarding.