November 2017

marieMaster student

Marie Henniges is a student in the MRes Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences course who is joining the Lab for her first project. She will work in collaboration with two MEng students in the Department of Materials, on our implant project.



October 2017

oliverResearch technician

After completing his Master degree at Imperial, Nick Oliver is joining us back for few months. He is really dedicated and eager to gain more experience. Nick is a very welcome addition to our strong team, and we sincerely look forward to working with him again. Welcome back, Nick!

polPhysics of Life

GS and Todd Fallesen attended the town-meeting conference "Physics of Life", organized by the EPSRC-funded network Understanding the Physics of Life at the Royal Society. GS was invited to talk on one of the past projects in the Lab that supported by the network: "Imaging plant roots under mechanical stress'"



September 2017

olafVisiting student

Olaf Kranse is an undergraduate student from Rotterdam University joining us as an intern for few months. Olaf will be gaining experience towards his bachelor's degree in Biology and Medical Lab Research. We love motivated and curious students!



July 2017

DenizResearch technician

Deniz Tiknaz is joining us as a research technician, to work on an exciting project funded by the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts (see below). We truly look forward to the great science ahead, and welcome Deniz in our group!


logoIUPAB & EBSA 2017

Nick Kral attended the joint 19th International Union of Pure and Applied Biophysics (IUPAB) and 11th European Biophysical Societies' Association (EBSA) Congress in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He presented a poster on his latest work on root electrotropism. Thank you to all who stopped by his poster to learn about his fascinating research!


Allen Discovery Center retreat allen

GS attended the second annual retreat of the Allen Discovery Center at Tufts, in Boston, US. It was an exciting opportunity to meet for the first time many of the researchers affiliated with the Center.



June 2017


Elena Alvarez-Buylla visited the Lab from UNAM, Mexico City, and gave an inspiring talk titled "Systems Biology Approaches to Development: Arabidopsis thaliana Root Stem Cell Niche as study system".



GS co-organised with Dr R. Endres, Dr G. Pruessner and Dr C. F. Lee the workshop titled "Theoretical Physics of Life", held at Imperial College London and supported by the Faculty of Natural Science. The workshop has been a rare opportunity to explore future contributions of theoretical physics approaches to biology. Thank you to all participants for their enthusiasm and stimulating discussions.


May 2017

fireworksNew research funds

As part of the affiliation with the  Allen Discovery Center (see below), the Lab has been awarded a 1-year contract to fund the research project.

AllenAllen Discovery Center at Tufts

The Lab has started a collaboration with the group of Prof. Mike Levin and the Tufts Center for Regenerative and Developmental Biology, at Tufts University in Boston (MA, U.S).  As part of the collaboration, the Lab has been offered an affiliation with the prestigious Allen Discovery Center at Tufts University, part of the Paul G. Allen Frontiers Group. The collaborative project is to study the roles of endogenous bioelectric patterns in plant morphogenesis.
We are very keen to build on the exciting data already collected in our Lab, on the effects of electric fields on root regeneration!


March 2017

peopleUndergraduate students

Frankie Butera, Shayna Kam Lin and Chen Lyu joined the lab for their final year projects.


February 2017


Todd Fallesen is joining the lab to take over Rico's work on our light-sheet microscope. Todd is an experienced experimental physicist who brings to the lab knowledge and enthusiasm. We all look forward to sharing with him fun science. Welcome, Todd!


January 2017 

Master studentoliver

Nick Oliver is a student in the MRes Molecular and Cellular Biosciences course, who is joining the Lab for his second project. He will work on the electrotropism project, which looks like a lot of fun!

PhilipMaster student

Anne-Mieke Reijne is an Erasmus Master student in the Center for Complexity Science, Dep. of Mathematics (Dr Gunnar Pruessner), who is going to collaborate with our Lab on a very exciting project about morphometric analyses of regenerating Arabidopsis roots. Anne-Mieke is a theoretical physicist and we certainly look forward to very entertaining discussions!