December 2023

Maddalena Salvalaio's second paper on root electrotropism has been accepted in Plant Physiology! A fantastic work on long-term response, habituation, hysteresis and more. Congratulations to Maddalena!

Rebecca Bishop is joining our lab as part of her MRes in Molecular Plant and Microbial Sciences. Her project will be on a comparison of root electrotropic response among plant species. Great to have you, Rebecca!


November 2023

Maddalena's work on root electrotropism has been featured in a lovely article that appeared in the Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. Our outreach activity is now officially intercontinental!


October 2023

Qiyi (Cherry) Feng is a Master's student from the Molecular and Cellular Biosciences program joining our lab for her first project. She will work on callus regeneration in electric fields. Good luck!


September 2023

Nikol Angelova Naydenova is joining our work for a short project using machine learning to classify root behaviour in external electric fields. her expertise in image processing and artificial intelligence is the perfect fit for our group! Welcome Nikol.


August 2023

Our project on 3D-printed hydrogel substrate for vertical farming, in collaboration with Dr Connor Myant at the Dyson School at Imperial College, has been beautifully featured on BBC Future. Many thanks to Sally Adee for her interest in our work!


July 2023

Eleonora Moratto's manuscript "Enhanced germination and electrotactic behaviour of Phytophthora palmivora zoospores in weak electric fields" has been accepted for publication and is available as Open Access in Physical Biology. Congratulations on your excellent work Eleonora!

Eleonora Moratto attended the 2023 International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions (IS-MPMI) conference in Rhode Island (USA), with a poster titled "The role of electric fields in Phytophthora palmivora - Arabidopsis thaliana interactions"


March 2023

Eleonora Moratto published a critical review on "The bioelectricity of Plant-Biotic interactions" in the journal Bioelectricity. It is part of the special issue "Bioelectricity of Plants", co-edited by GS.

YumnegLi is joining the lab for her project in the MRes Molecular Engineering of the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE). In collaboration with the group of Dr Connor Myant at the Dyson School at Imperial College, she will be generating novel designs for 3D-printed hydrogel structures for plant cultivation.

Toby Elmer, Roman Strode and Rangel Xiao are joining the lab for their final-year undergraduate projects. They will study the bioelectric interaction between Palmivora and Arabidopsis, root electrotropism in Arabidopsis ecotypes and other plant species, respectively.


February 2023

Stefania Zattoni is a PhD student from the University of Verona, joining us for a few months as part of a collaboration with Prof. Sara Zenoni. Stefania will work on callus regeneration in Arabidopsis and grapevine species.