What we do


We are interested in studying the most fundamental aspects of morphogenesis, using multi-disciplinary approaches based on quantitative measurements, mathematical analysis and computational modelling.
By choice, our research is not limited to a single topic or technique, and we are certainly open to your contributions and ideas.
We typically prefer to generate our own experimental data, mainly using the root of Arabidopsis thaliana roots as a model system, and to combine genetics, live imaging, mathematical analysis and modelling. 

Among the methods and tools commonly used in the lab:

  • molecular biology and genetics
  • live imaging (confocal microscopy, light-sheet microscopy, time-lapse macroscopy)
  • programmable control systems and ad hoc solutions (Raspberry-Pi, Arduino, 3D-printing, etc.)
  • quantitative image processing and morphometrics (MATLAB)
  • tracking and temporal series analysis (MATLAB, Python)
  • modelling and simulation (MATLAB)

Please contact us if you would like to discuss potential opportunities for projects or collaborations.