An exciting set of numerical challenges, driven by Metamaterials, revolve around accurately simulating high frequency, short wavelength, waves interacting with, possibly thousands of, tiny defects.

Microstructured systems, such as photonic crystal fibres, may include a multitude of small impurities on a microscale, and Metamaterials are inherently defined on a multitude of spatial scales and the issues of the multitude of scales, stiff systems and resolution are all important. A numerical study of the properties of finite photonic, as well as phononic, crystals and, in particular, Metamaterials across a broad spectrum of frequencies is a substantial challenge that the assembled team has unique range and ability in.

This theme is split into the following sub topics:

1: Finite systems versus periodic structures: theory and experiment

2: High-definition time domain modelling of multiscale Metamaterials in elasticity and electromagnetism