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AB - Important distinctions are made between two related wave control mechanisms that act to spatially separate frequency components; these so-called rainbow mechanisms either slow or reverse guided waves propagating along a graded line array. We demonstrate an important nuance distinguishing rainbow reflection from genuine rainbow trapping and show the implications of this distinction for energy harvesting designs, through inspection of the interaction time between slowed zero group velocity waves and the array. The difference between these related mechanisms is highlighted using a design methodology, applied to flexural waves on mass loaded thin Kirchhoff-Love elastic plates, and emphasised through simulations for energy harvesting in the setting of elasticity, by elastic metasurfaces of graded line arrays of resonant rods atop a beam. The delineation of these two effects, reflection and trapping, allows us to characterise the behaviour of forced line array systems and predict their capabilities for trapping, conversion and focusing of energy.
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