Cohort Representatives

  • Ming Zhu

    Ming Zhu

    Personal details

    Ming Zhu MRes 2020 cohort rep


    Department of Chemical Engineering

    Prof Magda Titirici's Group

  • Liam Harnett

    Liam Harnett

    Personal details

    Liam Harnett Cohort 10 Rep


    Chemistry, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London

    Prof Aron Walsh's group

  • Demetris Soukeras

    Demetris Soukeras

    Personal details

    Demetris Soukeras Cohort 9 Rep


    Department of Materials, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London

    Dr Sandrine Heutz's group

  • Joel Luke

    Joel Luke

    Personal details

    Joel Luke Cohort 8 Rep


    Department of Physics, Imperial College London

    Prof Ji-Seon Kim's group

  • Alice Smith

    Alice Smith

    Personal details

    Alice Smith Cohort 7 Rep


    Lincoln College, Oxford University

    Dr Paul Stavrinou's group

  • Ada Onwubiko

    Ada Onwubiko

    Personal details

    Ada Onwubiko Cohort 6 Rep


    Department of Chemistry, Imperial College London

    Prof Iain McCulloch's group

  • Madeleine Morris

    Madeleine Morris

    Personal details

    Madeleine Morris Cohort 5 Rep


    Department of Chemistry

    Prof James Durrant's group

Cohort Mentors

  • Dr Piers Barnes

    Piers Barnes

    Personal details

    Dr Piers Barnes MRes Course Mentor


    Department of Physics, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London

  • Dr Firat Guder

    Firat Guder

    Personal details

    Dr Firat Guder PECDT Course Mentor


    Royal School of Mines, South Kensington Campus, Imperial College London 

Imperial College Student-Supervisor Expectations

Doctoral students and their supervisors are jointly responsible for working togfether to adhere to the time-frame of 4 years between PhD registration and submission of the PhD thesis. Although the relationship is one of cooperation and working together, there are expectations of both the student's and the supervisor's responsibilities