As part of Imperial’s commitment to the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers (known as the Concordat going forward), the College established the Concordat Implementation and Planning Group (CIPG) in 2021.  

The CIPG, which is composed of researchers and key services providers, reports to the Researcher Development Committee (RDC). Its purpose is to provide oversight of the current Concordat action plans, and assist in directing future ones. 

Terms of Reference for the Concordat Implementation and Planning Group 


The Concordat Implementation and Planning Group (CIPG) meets every two months, and is responsible for:  

  • monitoring and driving ongoing actions as outlined in the Concordat action plan. 
  • reporting on the progress of actions to the RDC.
  • conducting an annual gap analysis of College provision against the Concordat. 
  • proposing new Concordat actions that align with the College’s key aims and objectives and fill any gaps that have been identified against the Concordat. These are to then be presented to the RDC for ratification.  
  • developing new activities proposed by the RDC and provide feedback on operational and delivery aspects of potential new initiatives that align to the Concordat. 
  • preparing the annual report of progress against the Concordat action plan to be shared with the RDC before being endorsed Provost’s board. 
  • sharing best practice across key stakeholders (reflected in the membership of this group).

Group membership

  • Dr Liz Elvidge, Head of Postdoc and Fellows Development (Chair)
  • Dr Magdalena Jara, Head of Pedagogy (Graduate School)
  • Susan Littleson, Deputy Director (Organisational Development and Inclusion)
  • Nichola Stallwood, Head of Learning & Organisational Development
  • Kani Kamara, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Centre
  • Jason Yarrow, Director of Careers Service
  • Dr Nick Brooks, Reader in Membrane Biophysics (Postdoc and Fellows Champion, Natural Sciences)
  • Dr Catrin Davies, Reader in Structural Integrity of Alloys (Postdoc and Fellows Champion, Engineering)
  • Dr Veronique Azuara, Reader in Stem Cell Biology (Postdoc and Fellows Champion, Medicine)
  • Dr Mushegh Harutyunyan, Assistant Professor in Marketing (Postdoc and Fellows Champion, Business School)
  • Stefanie Edler-Wollstein, Consultant, Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (Fellows)
  • Dr Anna Seabourne, Consultant, Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre 
  • Dr Ines Perpetuo, Consultant, Postdoc and Fellows Development Centre (Secretary)