Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) was started in the USA in 2009 to recognise the significant contributions that postdocs make to research and discovery. This year, PAW will take place between 18 and 22 September 2023 at universities in the UK and US. 

In recognition of the postdocs who make Imperial a leading research and educational institution, the PFDC and PAW Committee  are running a variety of events, both virtual and in person, to mark PAW at Imperial. These activities  are running alongside other national events

Learn more about and book the Imperial PAW events below. More events may be posted along the way, so keep a close eye on this webpage! 

Forthcoming Postdoc Appreciation Week events

No events are currently scheduled

Please check back soon for updates.

Imperial PAW 2022 programme

Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) 2022

In 2022, PAW took place between 20-23 September. Events included:

  • Welcome event: What the PFDC can do to support you
  • Q&A with Vice-Provost (Research & Enterprise)
  • Crafting your professional narrative – Increasing your visibility
  • Taming your inner critic
  • IPFEN and IPC event: Boost your research career by working with industry
  • Pathways for Postdocs Panel Event: Where will your career take you?
  • Fellowship interviews - In Person Event
  • Networking in South Kensington 

The week was also marked by a series of appreciation messages from across the College, which can be viewed below: 

Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) 2021

In 2021, PAW took place between 20-24 September. Events included: 

  • Q&A with the Provost
  • Pop-up: Increasing visibility – social media for academics
  • Workshop: Taming your inner critic
  • Pop-up: LinkedIn - How to build your profile and how to make the most out of it
  • Pop-up: Starting to think about a fellowship application
  • EDU: Teaching for postdocs
  • Workshop: Getting the best from people – Mentoring and coaching
  • IPFEN and IPC event: Boost your research career by working with industry 

Postdoc Appreciation Week (PAW) 2020

In 2020, PAW took place between 21-25 September. Events included: 

  • HoD virtual ‘coffee and cake’
  • “Transition to independence and leadership” panel discussion, followed by Q&A
  • “Postdoc life in a pandemic panel discussion”, followed by Q&A
  • Networks: How to Build, Maintain and Make the most of your Network