We support the following staff:

  • Postdocs - Research Associate (including MRC postdocs); Research Assistant with PhD (whilst in transition between PhD and Postdoc); Research Assistant (EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow or equivalent)
  • Independent Research Fellows  - a member of research staff that has successfully applied for funding to include their salary (e.g. ICRFs, BBSRC Future Leaders, Sir Henry Dale, MRC NIRGs)
  • Research Fellows – a member of staff employed on a project grant
  • Clinicians wishing to pursue clinical academic careers at Imperial post PhD
    • Postdoctoral clinical lecturers
    • Postdoctoral clinicians who are back in clinical training but wish to pursue a clinical academic career at Imperial. For example doctors (e.g. Registrar, Speciality Registrar) and non-medical healthcare professionals (i.e. Pharmacists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, Dieticians)
    • Intermediate fellows or clinician scientists (postdoctoral)
    • Postdoctoral clinicians in any other clinical academic schemes (e.g. Imperial Clinician Researcher Fellows/IPPRF) wishing to pursue a clinical academic career.
  • Final year clinical PhD fellows - actively pursuing clinical academic careers at Imperial.

Note that Clinical Academic Training Office (CATO) provides support for clinical academic trainees (medical and non-medical healthcare professions), advice and information on academic careers, recruitment, training and funding.

Please note that the list above is not exhaustive. For any eligibility queries please contact pfdc-support@imperial.ac.uk.