Information and Booking

Tutor: Caroline Broad - Independent Consultant
Cost: Internal no charge.
Duration: Half-day (13.30-17.00)

5 April

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This half day course is designed to Improve your approach to problem solving and ideas generation.  Exercise parts of the brain that generate new ideas and fresh approaches to old problems in boundary-less creative thinking.

This course provides an opportunity for you to recognise and enhance problem solving and creativity skills.  Skills that will contribute to your research objectives or improve working processes.

With a focus on the creative application of human imagination, participants will be encouraged to practice problem solving techniques on existing challenges.  First ensure the right problem is being solved, then develop an ideas generation process.  Finally explore the reality of implementing a new idea or approach.

Key Areas

  • Understanding how to find and define the root cause of a problem
  • Generating creative ideas in a more productive way
  • Utilising techniques in ideas development and implementation
  • Implementing problem solving processes in the workplace