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Tutors: Dr Karen Hinxman - Imperial College
Cost: Internal no charge.
Duration: One day (09.30-16.30)

18 November

26 January
7 June
12 July

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This course introduces postdocs to fellowship funding and the process of making a fellowship application.
During the course you will learn where to look for appropriate fellowship funding, how to apply and how to prepare a written application. Additionally you will take part in a practice exercise providing insight into the writing and peer review processes.
Successful applicants and panel members from Imperial will share their experience of applying for fellowships in a question and answer session.

Key areas

  • Where to find appropriate fellowship funding
  • How to apply: A-Z of the application process
  • Factors which contribute to successful applications
  • Practice writing a fellowship proposal
  • Gain experience in reviewing fellowship proposals

Further Information

Please bring a laptop along with you. You will be required to write a 2-3 page research proposal as an exercise on this course which will need to cover the following:
A4 x 2-3 sides – handwritten or typed

  • Name
  • Title of your project
  • Aims and research questions
  • Background (context, track record)
  • Plan: methodology
  • Impact/outcomes
  • How the fellowship will further your career