Pop-up workshops are brief, informal and interactive sessions designed to deliver timely, targeted information on a range of themes that will be helpful for personal and professional development. They range from skills and goals development sessions to guest speakers from across the College and relevant external initiatives – i.e. industry and funders.

They are open to all postdocs, fellows and clinicians from across the College.

Details on upcoming pop-ups will be advertised in the PFDC newsletter, the PFDC email lists, departmental PFDC postdoc reps and Twitter @ImperialPFDC.

We continue to expand our portfolio and welcome suggestions from the postdoc community for new pop-up topics.

As well as having pop-ups that are open to all, we can also tailor and deliver sessions specifically for postdoc and fellows departmental needs.

Please contact the PFDC Support Team with your ideas and requirements.

Upcoming sessions

Pop-ups and Funder showcases


Funder Showcase: BBSRC

Monday 26 April - 14.00-15.30 - Zoom 

Are you thinking of applying for one of the BBSRC Fellowships? 

This event will highlight the opportunities from BBSRC available to postdocs and fellows, including details about the different fellowships they offer and provide insight on how to prepare an effective application, prepare for the interview and help you maximise your chances of success. 

This session will be delivered by Dr Hayley Moulding (Senior Portfolio Manager, Capability and Innovation) and Marco Di Antonio (BBSRC David Phillips Fellow). 

Please register via this Qualtrics link: Funder showcase BBSRC.

Pop-up: Starting to think about a fellowship application

Wednesday 28 April - 09.30-12.30 - Zoom

This Pop-up will introduce you to the process of making a fellowship application.

During the session you will learn about different types of fellowships, where to look for appropriate fellowship funding, steps before applying and how to prepare a written application.

Please register via this Qualtrics link: Starting fellowship applications

Pop-Up: Skills analysis

Friday 30 April – 10.00-12.30 - Zoom 

Not sure how to identify the skills you need for a job? 
Want to find out how you can demonstrate or develop the skills required? 
Need help in recognising your existing skillset?

In this pop-up, you will work in groups to identify the skills employers most commonly ask for. You will discuss what evidence you have that demonstrates that you have these skills and how you can develop them further.

This session will also include time to get feedback on your individual skills analysis and consider how you can build and develop your skills to help you get the job you’ve always wanted!

Please register via this Qualtrics link: Skills analysis.


Pathways for postdocs

Pathways for Postdocs - Career talk – Data Analyst

Friday 16 April - 14.00-15.00 – MS Teams

Dr Clare Watts is currently a Data Analyst at NatWest. Clare completed her PhD and Postdoc at the Department of Materials in Engineering and then moved to this new role.

Clare will give a talk on her recent professional transition to this role and share her experience as a Data Analyst.

Please register via this Qualtrics link: Career talk