The Springboard Women’s Development Programme is an award winning international programme which allows women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps they want to take, and allows them to develop the skills and self-confidence to take those steps.

During the programme participants will review topics such as qualities, strengths, networking, goals, assertiveness, dealing with pressure and managing image and visibility. As well as the opportunity to network with other colleagues you will have the chance to hear women from across the College speak of the challenges they have faced during their personal and professional life.

The programme is open to all female members of staff and consists of four development days set over four months. Please note you are required to attend all four days to complete this programme.

Key areas

  • Take a holistic approach to make changes in your life
  • These changes can be personal or professional, or a combination of the two. It could be that you want to further develop your career, improve your life skills or set practical, yet stretching goals
  • The Springboard programme will provide you with the tools to inspire and empower you to do this
"The Springboard Programme helped me to realise that we are all in the same ‘ship’. It made me think about being assertive and the different ways of reaching my goals."
"A great opportunity to meet other great women, share experiences and problems and find solutions. A great “tool” in order to learn more about yourself and also improve yourself. I had a great time and it was very useful for my future career and the way I see life and work."