Online research funding and news service

The College has a subscription to Idox GRANTfinder 4 Education, an online provider for research funding information offering a searchable database of funding opportunities with the option to subscribe to alerts.

GRANTfinder 4 Education allows academic institutions in the UK to service all their funding search requirements in one place:

  • RESEARCHconnect– funding opportunities for research staff of all levels and interests
  • GRANTfinder– of interest to staff in business engagement, knowledge transfer, marketing
  • POLICYfinder – for coverage of white papers, consultations and policy landscape information

GRANTfinder 4 Education - the UK's first grants and policy information service tailored specifically for further and higher education institutions, featuring over 13,000 continuously updated opportunities. As a professional funding service powered by Europe’s leading provider of funding and policy information, GRANTfinder 4 Education provides you with the following key benefits:

  • A one-stop-shop of funding information – removing the legwork when searching for funding opportunities. 
  • A holistic view of the funding landscape – thousands of funding opportunities reported to support both R&D and wider business development. 
  • Updated in real time – as soon as it knows about a new funding opportunity, so do you. 
  • All information is presented in Plain English – ensuring that jargon and text heavy guidelines are easily accessible to users. 
  • Email alerts – automatic updates on saved searches, alerting you to new or updated funds relevant to your research. 
  • News alerts – approaching deadlines and new funding calls delivered directly to your inbox. 
  • Encouraging knowledge transfer – allows you to disseminate information through bespoke reports and intuitive reporting features. 
  • A regular funding bulletin - categorised by discipline, keeping you updated with research areas of interest to you.  

Who should sign up?

All staff involved in research and research administration are encouraged to sign up.

How do I sign up?

To set up an account you need to register on Idox Grantfinder, please see how to login.

How do I use the system?

Using the system is quite straightforward. Please see a quick start guide to learn how to:‌

  • Start a search
  • Filter results
  • Retrieve a search
  • Set up email alerts

Adapted from Faculty of Natural Sciences Idox Webpage