We support networks for postdocs and fellows to foster engagement within the research staff community at Imperial. There are also networks and groups for all staff members at Imperial that you can engage with for collaborative working, knowledge sharing, and opportunities for both development and social engagement.

Our networks

Departmental and PFDC networks

We work with departments to ensure that the voices of postdocs and fellows are heard locally and across the College.

Support networks

Find out about the wide range of PFDC and College networks available to support you.

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PFDC Contacts Database

We can help you access a network of postdocs and fellows who have moved into roles in academia and outside of the academic career path.

Explore the PFDC Contacts Database.

Imperial Postdoc and Fellows Enterprise Network (IPFEN)

Join this network to find out more about Entrepreneurship and Enterprise opportunities and activities – whether it is to support your research activity or to explore a new career path.