Dr Javier Cabello Garcia enrolled from October 2017 till January 2022 in this lab to pursue a PhD in Bioengineering under the excel supervision of Dr Ouldridge and Prof. Stan. He focused his research on the design, characterisation (and actual use) of a brand-new reaction for DNA nanotechnology: Handhold-mediated strand displacement. During his leisure time, he was also doing some research in cardiology and Belgian beer. His expertise includes design, characterisation and modelling of dynamic and structural DNA systems, fluorescence spectroscopy, microfluidics, and synthetic biology.

Javi enjoyed his time as a PhD student that much (who doesn’t?) that he stayed inside the DNA nanotechnology community. He moved to work as a DNA nanotechnologist in Nanovery Ltd. for three months. Afterwards, he went to do further work in structural and dynamic DNA nanotechnology as a postdoctoral research associate in the Department of Chemistry of University College London with Prof. Stephan Howorka. 

Let’s hope he is doing fine. But if you are really interested, you should stop wondering and check by yourself! Here is how.

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  2.  Handa BS, Lawal S, Wright IJ, Li X, Cabello-García J, Mansfield C, et al. Interventricular Differences in Action Potential Duration Restitution Contribute to Dissimilar Ventricular Rhythms in ex vivo Perfused Hearts. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine. 2019;6(34).