The beginning of October 2022 marked the start of my Royal Society funded PhD project in Dr Thomas Ouldridge's research group "Principles of Biomolecular Systems". My research area revolves around the development and characterisation of a DNA-based reaction mechanism for persistent polymer replication.

Before my start at Tom's group, I lived in Bavaria. I finalized my bachelor’s degree in Bioengineering in 2020 at the University of Applied Sciences Munich and my master's degree in Bioengineering at the University of Applied Sciences Weihenstephan-Triesdorf. In my master's thesis under the supervision of Dr. Heuer-Jungemann, I investigated the efficient induction of apoptosis pathways in a 3D cancer cell culture model via a functionalized DNA origami structure.
When I am not involved in DNA nanotechnology I spend my time usually with cycling, Star Trek, or searching for the best burger in town.