Notes from some of Tom's courses, past and present

Modelling in Biology (new format)

I have recently introduced a new format for my course, in which students work through the MiB2 Handbook 2022 rather than sitting through 2-hour lectures. The handbook contains links to bitesize videos on key topics, and exercises to complete as the student progresses. The handbook and videos are available to anyone (you don't have to be registered at Imperial), but obviously you won't get the tutorial classes unless you are signed up to the module.

MiB MATLAB files 2021 supporting the video demonstrations can be found here. 

BE3-HMIB Modelling in Biology (old format)

I taught this course in 2018/2019 along with Dr Guy-Bart Stan. 

Detailed notes for my part of the course can be found here: MiB notes 2018-2019.

2018 pack.

Matlab training exercises can be downloaded from here: Training pack 2018-2019‌.

Notes from previous Biophysics lectures and tutorials

A former course on molecular simulation methods

Tutorial notes from a former course on atomic and molecular physics

Tutorial notes from a former course on condensed matter physics