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Imperial College's Centre of Excellence for Processable Electronics, rebranded in 2020 from Centre for Plastic Electronics

Interdisciplinary Research

For over 10 years, the CPE has brought together a broad spectrum of researchers and students - counting in our number three Fellows of the Royal Society and five Highly Cited Researchers - from the departments of Chemistry, Physics, Materials, Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering in the Faculties of Natural Sciences and Engineering to promote interdisciplinary approaches to printable electronic materials and devices. Our world-leading research falls into three theme areas.

Mission Statement

We aim to be a globally-leading centre of excellence in the science and engineering of scalable electronic materials and devices for sustainable energy, soft electronics and emerging technologies.

Application Targeted Research

At CSEM Brazil

Our research focuses on low temperature processed electronic materials and devices, which can often be deposited by low-cost solution processing techniques, allowing devices to be made by "roll-to-roll" manufacturing. Such materials enable lightweight, flexible electronic devices already finding applications such as solar cells, displays, sensor and batteries, as well as in bioelectronics and healthcare. Examples of processable electronic materials include organic polymer and  molecular semiconductors, as well as inorganic materials such as metal oxides and hybrid materials such as inorganic/organic perovskites.

These applications are closely addressed in our priority themes in materials for sustainable energysoft electronics and emerging technologies