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Recruitment for an upcoming trial - Microdosing

Microdosing Study

Microdosing refers to the regular application of psychedelic drugs, such as LSD or magic mushrooms at sub-perceptual doses. In recent years a considerable number of experience reports have emerged that claim microdosing can improve psychological well-being and cognitive functioning. However, research using rigorous methods was not able to validate those anecdotal findings.

Imperial College's Centre for Psychedelic Research is seeking participants for the second round of its self-blinding microdose project. You are invited to participate if you microdose or are planning to microdose to help with a depression, anxiety, or mood problem.

A major part of the study takes place at Hammersmith Hospital, London. Here we are looking to invite participants to assess aspects of cognition, creativity, psychology and mental/physical health. We therefore invite participants living in the greater London area to join this part of the study. For those who do not live in London, you can still participate online. The study also has an online part for all participants. 

The unique component of this study is a setup that allows self-experimenters to implement their own placebo control - you will not know whether your daily capsule is a placebo or a microdose at the time of taking. This 'self-blinding' helps investigate whether microdosers feel benefits due to the placebo effect or the pharmacological action of microdosing.

The study is not intended to encourage microdosing and the study team is not providing psychedelics. 

If you would like register your interest to participate in the study, please follow the link. For general enquiries please contact our email:  We will get back to you as soon as possible.