Researchers working in lab

Investing in a strong and sustainable research base and STEM skills pipeline.

Key facts

  • Imperial has a greater proportion of world-leading research than any other UK university and is ranked as the most innovative university in the UK and second in Europe (REF 2021, Reuters 2019).
  • Imperial received £383m of income for research grants and contracts in 2022-23 (Imperial College London Annual Report and Accounts 2022-23)

  • 97% of our graduates are in employment or further study fifteen months after graduation, with 90% employed in highly-skilled roles or in further study (HESA Graduate Outcomes 21/22). 


The UK is a global science powerhouse but we need to grow and sustainably fund the STEM skills pipeline - the government estimates the UK will need 380,000 more researchers and technicians by 2027. We provide a rigorous, evidence-based, inclusive educational experience in a world-leading research environment that provides highly-skilled graduates and lifelong learning opportunities for the UK labour force. 

  • The Imperial College London Mathematics School opened in September 2023 with 46 students (target 40), accepting sixth form students taking maths and further maths, alongside a range of other subjects, with a focus on attracting more female, BAME and other underrepresented students in STEM.

International staff and students are vital to the UK’s science and innovation talent pipeline and culturally enrich our campus. Almost 40% of Imperial’s staff and 60% of our students are from outside the UK – our scientific strength is built on the creativity, collaboration and innovation of our international community. Nearly half of Britain’s 100 fastest-growing start-ups have at least one immigrant co-founder.

  • Imperial graduates Henrik Hagemann (Denmark) and Gabi Santosa (Indonesia) founded Puraffinity. A green technology company designing smart materials for environmental applications, it has been part of Imperial’s innovation ecosystem since 2014 and has rapidly expanded to a bigger research facility in our White City Innovation District. The company is now establishing a new manufacturing centre near Middlesbrough which will deliver new jobs in the North East.

  • Imperial graduates Paul Mendieta (Ecuador) and Beren Kayali (Turkey), founded DEPLOY which has developed an air-deployed, ready-to-use water tank capable of holding 14,000 litres of water that has a 70% lower carbon footprint than conventional water tanks. Now based in South Wales, Deploy Tech are developing their product to deliver long-term sustainable growth and create and safeguard highly skilled jobs in the region.