The Pure Analysis and PDEs seminar is the main seminar of the Pure analysis and PDEs group, and upcoming events in this series will be listed below. The group is also involved in organising the London Analysis and Probability seminar and the Paris-London Analysis seminar.

Our PhD students also jointly organise the Junior Analysis seminar; which consists of informal talks by students and visitors.

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Diversity Policy of the Pure Analysis and Probability Seminars

Department of Mathematics, Imperial College London

Imperial College London, its Department of Mathematics, and its Pure Mathematics Section are committed to fostering a welcoming, open, and diverse research community. We recognize that there are groups who remain under-represented in the discipline, particularly among senior academics and other professionals. We actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion among the speakers in this seminar series. To this end:

  • We  seek a diverse set of speakers that reflects the diversity of the worlds’community of mathematicians in terms of gender and ethnicity/race, etc.
  • We invite speakers from all around the world
  • We include speakers who are at various career stages.
  • We  make the list of speakers public. When soliciting names of potential speakers the organizers emphasize our aim to present a crossection of speakers that is diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity/race, geography, and career stage.
  • We also take advantage of resources such as LMS Women in Mathematics, European Women in Mathematics Members List...and others.