Funding is available to explore opportunities for data reuse within Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and implementation agencies that operate in an Official Development Assistance (ODA) context.

Projects will be expected to focus funding and activities on at least one of the two key areas:

 A) Building Relationships with NGOs

In order to achieve the greatest value from data held by NGOs, meaningful relationships with NGO partners must be established, and the data held by the partners made accessible. Relationships built through this funding are anticipated to create the foundations for the development of strong collaborations with NGO and implementation agency partners. Relationships funded can either be new or build on existing ones. The activities need to be linked to an eligible country (

 B) Increasing the impact potential of NGO Data sources

This funding can be to explore the potential for NGO held data sources to increase knowledge and achieve impact in developing countries. This could involve supporting researchers to spend time within an NGO to do some initial scoping of the quality and usability of data sources, bearing in mind that the methods, tools and capacity within NGOs to collect, store and analyse data might be variable. Exploratory work could aim to discover what data there is and what can be done with the data that is scientifically interesting and has the potential to create new knowledge and ultimately promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries.

A budget of up to £30,243, for use between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, is available to support impact activities exploring opportunities for data reuse within NGOs and the potential impacts that benefit low and middle income countries. Imperial expects to fund around three projects with this allocation.

Activities must be based at least 50% within the remit of ESRC

Activities must be completed and allocated funding spent by 31st March 2019. No primary research will be eligible under this funding.

NGO Data Use Guidance (pdf)

Applications should be made by completing a NGO Data Use application form (Word) and submitting this with an infoed approved by the Department.

Deadline: Midday, 16 April 2018